Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo credit: Sukin-Australian Natural Skincare

I am not an expert of the environment but I would like to my two cents' worth on this matter. I am now a STRONG proponent and believer in preserving and conserving our seriously fast deteriorating environment. My personal experience having to deal with the negative changes in my skin physiology due to our deteriorating environment prompted me to search for a natural skincare that is suitable for my severely inflamed, itchy and irritated skin. The natural skincare should fit my limited budget and at the same time, has virtually no negative impact to our fragile environment.

My search is considered a success, as I have managed to find one small-time brand of natural skincare from Australia in a personal care store near the place I am staying. Unfortunately, the said personal care store no longer sells this brand of natural skincare, which prompted me to set up a small on line business called Nature's Little Helper.

Nature's Little Helper's main aim is to bring this particular brand of natural skincare from Australia made easily available to all Malaysians due to the very affordable pricing and high quality of its products. I turned myself into a guinea pig, trying the products I managed to buy off the shelf before they were withdrawn by the personal care store near where I live. Frankly speaking, I did not even bother to do a patch test before beginning to use the said products regularly.

I plunged straight away into using the said products and after THREE times using them, my skin started to heal itself. I was encouraged by the results and I realise that going back to the basics where my skincare routine is concerned is the way to maintain a manageable skin health, i.e. to use natural skincare. Believe me, they need not be expensive and would NOT cost a bomb to purchase the complete range because each individual product is priced below RM 100; even its most expensive products (usually in one litre packaging) cost only RM 79 per unit.

I did more research on the Internet by going to the said natural skincare made in Australia by visiting its official web site and I REALLY like what I saw in it. The company that produces the natural skincare REALLY takes good care of the environment when manufacturing their products. They do not use any synthetic ingredients, animal derivatives and chemicals in all their products, and I really appreciate this fact. In short, this company practises GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) as part of its philosophy.

When you wash off the products' residue off your skin it will bio-degrade and won't cause pollution to our drainage system and water sources as the ingredients used are naturally derived. This is actually a small but meaningful step to help save our deteriorating environment. Not to mention the product packagings are made from completely recyclable materials. I will now reveal the name of the natural skincare... it's Sukin-Australian Natural Skincare. If you find my testimony hard to believe you can visit their web site at Sukin-Australian Natural Skincare.

This is just one small step I do to save our environment. The other little actions I do include bringing my own food containers when I take away food, except when I patronise fast food joints and I separate my daily rubbish into recyclable items and items meant for proper rubbish disposal. Not to mention, carrying a bottle of plain water in a reusable bottle whenever I go out for long hours at a stretch. I may be only one in the many billions who is championing environmental issues but I hope with this write-up, I am able to create greater awareness about saving environment, starting with my family and friends; soon to everyone around the world.

Last but not least, I would like to convey my gratefulness and gratitude to Sukin-Australian Natural Skincare for creating such godsend natural skincare products and also made me realise that the world we are living in now is NOT for us to keep and treat it to our whims and fancies; it is for us to take care of it well and properly for our future generations, whom by right should do the same for the benefit of their future generations.