Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Humble 1Malaysia Food

I'm quite sure most people would have their favourite kind of food. I'm no different. Of late, I have come to love roti canai with fish curry for my breakfast or lunch. To top it off, I would wash it down with either a glass of teh tarik (i.e. "pulled" tea) or normal tea with milk/creamer. Roti canai is ubiquitous, practically all mamak stalls/shops in Malaysia would be selling it.

Roti canai is an Indian unleavened flatbread made from flour, ghee, egg and water. It is often eaten with a type of curry - fish, chicken or dhal with sambal as an option to add some kick to the spiciness of the meal. I have always liked mine with fish curry. Teh tarik is an excellent complement a roti canai meal... YUMMY! I admit that finding a mamak stall/shop selling excellent roti canai is a real challenge. Finding a mamak stall/shop that sells excellent AND cheap roti canai is even a bigger challenge! So far, I have only found a mamak shop that actually sells pretty good roti canai with fish curry. The excellent thing is that this mamak shop actually sells roti canai throughout the day, and I can actually have it for my lunch when I crave for it. I'm STILL searching for the excellent roti canai that has eluded me for so long...

I love my roti canai meal like a typical Malaysian. I think many Malaysians would agree with me that roti canai like nasi lemak and char koay teow are foods that define the 1Malaysia culture we all have come to love and share for so long like one big happy family. :-) And it would be fabulous if I could have it as often I would have liked... a dream come true for me, a medical nightmare for my doctor. :-p

My ideal kind of breakfast or lunch - roti canai with fish curry and a glass of teh tarik

The frothy teh tarik - sinfully pleasurable